Thursday, 13 September 2012

J&K Minister’s security officers attempted to murder Traffic Police Officer while on duty

This wrong happened on 10th September at srinagar when cavalcade of Minister of Irrigation and Public Health Engineering, Taj Mohi-ud-Din was traveling from TRC . A  Traffic Police Officer namely Mohan Lal who was on duty at spot objected the traffic rule violation, when cavalcade of minister drove straight at the right light. The minister was moving to CM's residence through TRC Road.
This became the guilt of wretched Police Officer, as the escorts of Minister beated him unmercifully. Actually, The Traffic Police Officer should not object the violation. This is our government here the law makers are our new mafia of law breakers.
The convicts Mohammad Shafi and Mohammad Abbas are booked under charges (section 307) of attempting murder of Traffic Police Officer .

(Imran Banihali for Srinagar Live- pic courtesy Hill Post)