Sunday, 19 August 2012

Kashmir observed misunderstanding in Eid celebration

The muslim festival Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow across the Kashmir. But, in some parts of Kashmir like Budgam shia muslims celebrated the festival today. The Eid prayers were offered at budgam Yousuf Abad today.
This is really an issue that muslims are lacking unity. Even this important festival is not being celebrated on a same day. Confusion in moon sighting lead to this misunderstanding. Ittihadul Muslimeen, a political develpoment welfare of shia muslims yesterday updated their status on social networking website, that Eid will be celebrated on Monday. Similarly, Anjumane Shari e Shia also posted same on their Facebook wall. But people became victims of chaos.
According to our district reporter, Imran Banihali, peolpe at Budgam told that Moon was sighted by some people. That is why they considered the last day of Ramazaan yesterday. However majority of people are fasting across kashmir today.

(srinagar live- Imran Banihali)