Wednesday, 6 June 2012

                                                   Radio Kashmir Looses Web Presence
Radio Kashmir Srinagar has its vast golden collection of Kasmiri traditional songs. That all most every one from kashmir likes. All India Radio spends lakhs  on Radio Kashmir, but unfortunately not even a web site is maintained by them. This is now the era of storing our traditional songs in our pocket phones. But, from where we will download them.
Many web sites pretend on web that they represent Radio Kashmir. Even if Radio Kashmir will make its Web site in future, we don't think so they will get their domain name. Because it is already taken.
Their original data is not available on web,which gradually spoils the interest of young generation about Kashmiri Tradition.
We, appeal to Station Director to maintain a web site as soon as possible. And make available the data like famous kashmiri songs of Gh. Hassan Sofi, Jahanara Janbaaz etc. So, that the people can listen to their favourite popular songs.

(blog -014. Srinagar Live.)