Wednesday, 20 June 2012

                                                        History of Kashmiri Nauha
It has been 90 years the metrical verses widely liked and appreciated,historical Nauha of J&K                         "ًًًًً"ًي چُھ ذوالجناے سيدے شہدا، ي قتل گاہ منز دراو گژھِ خيم گاہ، لاقم رٹتھ وَدس دوخترے شاہ،ہتو گورءوآو پیوم بآبِ آمنا (YE chu zuljhanaye syede shohda, Laaqam ratiyh waddes doukhtarey shah, Hatoh gur're waav pyoom baab aamna) Has remained functional. In 1922 It was drawn by Mirza Mehdi Beigh. It's initial facial features were written in Urdu, with afterwards a mixture of duo urdu-persian language. But within time the persian vocal composition was gradually withdrawn by the survivng writers of Beigh Family.
 According to a recent estimate by C.P.N.B (Council of Preservation for Nauhas of Beighs) approximately  27000 र have been spent on this Nauha's licensing since 1922 to protect its verses.However, every year in the outskirts of Srinagar it's copyright terms are being violated.  C.P.N.B every year carries best activism to make this nauha functional and protect it from the Nauha piracy, as this nauha symbolizes the history of Nauhas in Kashmir . 
This Nauha is still recited in the valley on a large scale, but only by it's writers. However, it is not allowed to chant except by it's particular chanters. People like to chant it when Mirza Mohammad Ishaq Beigh Chants it's first verses.
 In Budgam, every year its terms are violated, as the people in the procession add their own written lines to it. But, from the date of establishment of NRB (Nauha Room of Beighs) the arising of violations decreased with time. 

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