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Monday, 3 April 2017


“Falsehood is always bound to perish but in itinerary much is lost”

Junaid Shaida, Kashmir :
As the chastisement is essential to straighten the loose cannons, to set up a social order in the way it should be, judiciary has pivotal role to play.  But then ambiguity in this area directly or indirectly will have serious repercussion. When multiple explosions cleaved through teeming spots in the heart of the Capital on October 29, 2005, innocent lives were lost. Although every nook and corner of the valley is painted red by the spilled innocent blood but then every innocent life lost is as sad as it happens anywhere and needs highly condemned. Perpetrator need to be booked and dealt with the law of land.  But then it is also of utmost importance that any injustice isn’t done to innocents who are fabricated to satisfy the collective scruples of the populace.  
Mohammad hussain Fazili, Farooq Ahmed Khan, Syed Maqbool Shah, Mirza Iftikhar Hussain, Rafiq, and Mohammad Aamir the list is unending who because of the wrongful arrest and long incarceration were completed shattered and smashed. Framed, Damned and then acquitted of the serious charges which led to the loss of their youth, time, and feeling moreover labelled them as murderers of the naive people. Created to tackle violence and high-profile crime, the Special Cell was formed in 1986 but then it became a law unto itself, a marauding force, ‘encountering’ and detaining ‘suspects’ almost at will. As documents suggest that several ‘terror’ cases which fell apart in court because of lack of evidence, or fabrication, tampering and planting of evidence by the so called special Police. The innocents were logged in the 6-by-4-foot cell, for an under trial Framed, Damned for the crimes of which his wildest dreams would be revered of, Slamming them by the serious crimes of conspiring against the nation with the credence of spilling innocent blood, the poor souls keep languishing. Their world plunged into darkness, books they used to read where home to moths, homes turned into houses, children of them lost their shine and the panes of windows presented the same deserted story. These prisoners languished for the sight of stars and moon, even the possibility of a bird fluttering its wings become a dream for them. For a student It took 12 years for Indian justice system to understand that the MA student was in classroom. The attendance register, the teachers statement, the hood of school friends every single thing that clearly hinted his non involvement was turned to black. Prosecution has failed to prove its case against them beyond reasonable doubt, although falsehood is bound to perish but in itinerary he lost everything. Rafiq isn’t the only case as cited above but one in a long list. It represents a microcosm of the Indian state’s war on the Kashmiri people, a war waged to control their bodies, collective will and ambitions. The fabricated substantiation, forced witnesses and every framed scheme to plot these people all for saving the skin of the so called special team. The framed, dammed innocents had to take hit left right centre and languish in the jails. The acquitted were left to undergo woe not even on the mere suspension but on framed stories, bystander who never endorsed the framed innocents.  
“The occurrence with ‘justice’ by Kashmiris is captured brilliantly in an African proverb “corn can’t expect justice from a court composed of chickens”.
However justice was served to the innocents who were framed as they were finally acquitted of all the charges that had been labelled on them not before devastating every single re of theirs. Acquitted after languishing in the 6-by-4-foot cell for more than a decade, the whole lot has broken, they walk free but their souls remain crippled and under seize. The ruling hints all the loopholes that led to the making of the beings with devastated and traumatized souls, who are free yet occupied. Every single charge against them fell apart in the courtroom; the ambiguity in the investigation agency had to face serious questions of credibility and human rights violations. Mind fails to understand why as in case of the student, they brushed aside his plea that it could be proved he was in his class on the day of the blast. Rather The Agency relied on unsure witness, who ended up contradicting himself. It led to the gash, a splinter into the soul and dreams of the people who could have done wonders with their life. Although acquitted, set free of all charges, left to have a new lease of life but they still have a tough time ahead. Lost years of youth, financially broke family, health issues and time when the presence of these wrongfully incarcerated people was felt, it can’t be brought back. The growing of their children, the lost innocence, the unhealed past, the unfinished career, the youth and every feeling of being at home, Alas: Nothing can be compensated.
  They are free but yet have a long way to go to build up confidence and courage to stand up, bear the brunt of their past to shape up their future. A slight of noise would certainly make them nervous; their health issues will give them a bad time, financially broke family will make them to work much harder in the old age, their trodden house will make the trek harder to turn into homes. But then they have to rebuild the damaged and bespoke the torn and i wish it happens sooner. People cannot be in their shoes, although will be in solidarity with them.
The investigating agencies need to understand their job precisely, stop fabricating case on vulnerable ones. They need to understand that instead of saving their own skill by targeting the innocent ones, their job is to bring the culprits to the book. They need shift their focus on sincere investigation and avoid fabricating and planting stories. Maybe the interference from the judiciary to direct  and reprimand the investigating agencies. It will set the talk straight, that loophole in the agencies needs to be dealt accordingly. The Govt of the day needs to cross-check the facts and figures of such cases and do their bit to make sure that no innocents and logged in the jails. It will lead to restoring the faith in the alienated ones. The local populace and Non-Govt organisations need to identify and provide legal and financial assistance to such people so that a relief is provided to them. The social order should be in solidarity with the people who were Framed, Damned and then acquitted, provide moral, social and other support to them.
I call upon Almighty for their peace and strength... Ameen

Junaid Shaida
Nepora Anantnag
MBA, M.phil (Banking & finance)

The well directed Stray bullet

Junaid shaida. Anantnag Kashmir  :  Kashmir, were normalcy word is redefined in the colours of bloodbath, curfews, disappearances etc.  Life over here vegetates in the trepidation, under the shadow of the gun that has destroyed as many roses. Reports of there yet again, one more killed are frequent and the tot up of killings is on. Being more precise, another life was put to death for reason apparently best known to them. The situation in the valley is back to square one, from where we started. Everything is silent except the guns which keep blazing all the time. Every now and then the squeaky-clean, innocent populace are put to death cold-bloodedly. The incidents of killing innocent people keep circling in the valley from one place to another, from Bandipore to Ganderbal via kupwara to Shopiyan through budgam and the authorities have a get-away quote “We won’t spare the guilty.
It seems that “unknown gunmen” is off shelf for the oppressor as they have developed “stray bullet’ the latest get away strategy for them. Although these bullets always find their target, be it the old lady sleeping in home or the tragic death of a six-year-old girl or a lady working on her vegetable patch. The SOP [standard operating procedure] says to fire below the waist, but on ground it is perceived via prism of shooting at sight. Every stray bullet had its target above the specified which shows the credibility of sop’s followed .It hardly has anything to do with shoot to keep people at bay but appears they are in process of taming or grinding down the entire populace. It happened in shopian few weeks back, then in pulwama and yesterday it was Chadoora where stray bullets were actually shown their targets. Mother’s little one had died a silent death in kupwara, while another teenager had tasted the same fate in pulwama. Be an elderly from shopian or a teenage from Arwani or a lady working in her field from other part of valley these stray bullets have always gone straight to target. Every now and then the stray bullet hits straight dripping more innocent blood and the pin-down strategy is washed off. 
The stray bullets are doing rounds in the valley killing the innocent. Lives that are precious are lost in the conflict, it hardly matters whose bullet it was that hit the soul. Down the line seeing the unvoiced 6 year old kid, and only son of an old father, or a beloved mother getting killed the entire populace is crippled. One’s heart wrenches and soul doesn’t abide the scruple. We in the valley raise our children not be killed at the onset, but to grow old with them. Alas the current scenario is such that flowers are crippled before their onset, parents grow old for their children in gloominess of lost one. Even in the blooming spring the doldrums of despair, hopelessness prevail in the alienated valley.  With a mere stray bullet now take civilian lives in the Valley, the spring in Kashmir has brought, hapless cries, tearful scenes, terror and brutal tragedies. Killing of three innocent lives in Chadoora yesterday depicts the endeavours of the oppressor. They are dashing the buds by crushing them even before their bloom which further alienates the rest of populace. Those who are out for shoot to kill skill and rename it as stray bullet strategy need to pounder where they are heading. Such is the ambiance of the state that the stray bullet kills an innocent and the law and order governing body restrict them to be taken for burial. How will be justice expected in such a scenario when the law itself is anarchic and radical. The denial of basic rights is common and even dead aren’t spared in the process.
The state govt has completely botched in handling the alienation of the populace although it came in power by perusing the agenda of solving the complex issue of the state. People aren’t completely pessimistic about the serving representatives but then the blackboard of Govt doesn’t reflect any sanguinity. At times when the serving Govt pitches for the youth in their every now and then speeches and statements but the writing on the board remains the same for the common Kashmiri “stray bullets are straight targeted”.  New Delhi and the so called State Govt should understand that no compensation or mere condemn can pay-off the killings of the common populace. Every single govt publicizes for peace process but pays no heed to the course of action. The only course of action they follow is by people-ling the empty streets by khaki-clad, lathi and machine gun-carrying soldiers; blocking roads by rolls of razor wire are like some dystopian tumbleweed. Young people’s lives and futures are kept on hold indefinitely. If killings of guiltless citizens prolong then how come a peaceful environment will persist. No one in the valley brims in joy over the tragic loss of life be it on any side. But toot-up killing and mere strategy change is never going to do any good to anyone. The standing operating procedures needs to be checked thoroughly and in name of law and order no killing can be justified. It is better to form a new circle to keep in check and address the aspirations of the angry youth, showering bullets and pellets in the name of law and order will do no good to anyone. It will overturn the tables a throw a new challenge to the govt then. Govt needs to act and act fast to avoid such calamities in future. Follow the standard operating procedure while dealing with rebels, engaging youth with dialogues, stop tearing down the innocent lives. The restrain strategy is much better than retaliating with bullets and latter adopting stray bullet approach. Understanding the feeling the youth of state undergo, the Govt can reach out to them and chalk the plans to avoid loss of innocent blood. Much of blood has been lost in the summer unrest, people are still battling with the terrified memories, no one wants bloodbath. These unknown and stray bullets need to be put lid on so that lives are saved.

Anantnag J&K
MBA, M.Phil (banking and Finance)

Thursday, 2 February 2017



“If you are neutral in the situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of oppressor”.

PARADISE turned into hell”. That’s how the people who live here describe the occupied land as. Today, the word Kashmir has become synonymous with death and destruction. The state of conflict has undergone severe smash up and dent in past few decades. Kashmir, where normalcy word is redefined in the colours of bloodbath, curfews, and disappearances has life now vegetating in the trepidation, under the shadow of the gun that has destroyed as many roses. Reports of there yet again, deaths are frequent and the tot up of killings is on. Being more precise, the numbers keep in psyche wavering from even to odds to double to near triple figures. The tale of countless families in the summer of 2016, who have lost their sole bread earners beloved sons, fathers. Sisters and relatives have nothing than a picture on the wall talking to them. Imagine the plight of a back-bended father accompanying the coffin of his young son, an old wrinkle -faced mother mourning over the brutal killing of his only son, a sister holding onto the hope of his never-coming back brother on his marriage, a chid washing out the sniffs of his mother, an able learner smashing everything in despondency because of his lost Vision, a kid not at loggerheads for a toffee as fear of pellets when last time he had an idea of purchasing his favourite toffee almost destroyed his face, it still pesters him. From a 4 year kid to 70 year old everyone past the worst in these four mounts of the unrest. The trodden hearts of terrain and its quandary squashes the bystander and agitates one and all in the society. In all means human lives are put to risk, the noble souls are butchered and given upto the ghost. In The current climate of uncertainty ninety odd people were ruthlessly murdered, hundreds of people were left blinded and scores were injured physically and psychologically in the name of peace keeping. Our Inshas who aspired to be the doctors and scholars of the future were pushed to the dark walls where they hardly have any sight of anticipation. The mental health of the populace was severely dented and every single individual of the valley was left with a mental imbalance.  As Justine Hardy in the book “IN THE VALLEY OF MIST” depicts that Ninety per cent of the Kashmir Valley suffers from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The most scenic valley of the world is often painted red by innocent blood for the sake of few selfish and self-centred people who are almost less than 5%.They for their personal welfare and for being in the good books of their masters have feed their core with ill omens.
The situation from point zero was completely misread by the authorities. Exercising maximum Restrain was just a mere Pretention while on ground “Bullet and pellet for every stone” strategy was implemented.   The scenario was aggravated by exhaustive restrictions be it on the physical movement by curfews or on media and communication in the Kashmir Valley, including blocks complete jams of cellular services, and limits on local print and televised news reports. Further, while dishonouring the curfew passes and the media persons have also been assaulted and arrested un¬der special security legislation. The advocates and defenders of the human rights were put behind bars sighting ridiculous reasons. Brutal use of force for one and all to crush the aspirations of populace was the only mean the authority restored to. Journalists from outside Kashmir were given access to portray a different scenario. A different picture was painted by labelling a kid who had gone for purchasing a toffee to a stone pelter. Amid the wrath and vehemence the blood kept seeping into the lakes and was painted red, pleading for its colour change and debugging of the tyranny. Many lives were lost no matter which side of the line they belonged, it distressed everyone.
Centre responded by sending in tens of thousands of security force personnel into the valley, when Kashmir was already one of the most militarized regions in the world.Their “anti-social” argument gained momentum within the country, presenting a different plate of diet to the rest of country. The only course of action they followed was by people-ling the empty streets by khaki-clad, lathi and machine gun-carrying soldiers; blocking roads by rolls of razor wire are like some dystopian tumbleweed. After innocent killings people were slapped with curfews resulting in closure of everything from emergency services to schools, Young people’s futures were kept on hold indefinitely. India has also damaged the impression of the government at the centre as it has been unable to do much about the situation in Kashmir. In addition, it has destroyed any remnants identifying the state with India thus creating a sense of alienation for the people.
We have had enough of bloodbath in the valley and people around are left with a mourning silence that has lots of stories to tell. If killings of guiltless citizens and their logging in jails prolong then how come a peaceful environment will persist.
The concerned Representative need to understand that change in their stance is the need of hour. Mere enquiry orders of the innocent killing that has been the code to deflect the masses by the so far governments will yield more alienation. Unless they examine conflict through civil society and then rebuild the civil society in the valley there is no future. There is no way of making progress until and unless the so called Representatives agree and understand that the valley isn’t just a territorial dispute but a battle to restore the dignity and self-being of residents. The human rights should be given properly rather than violating the same. This will bring a positive ambiance in the city which has been hounded by death and destruction .The presence of security personal need to be reduced to induce a sense of belonging among the general masses and better ways of mob controlling methods need to be inducted in their teaching manual. This will certainly lead to the control in spilling the innocent blood. These perfidious laws like AFSPA and PSA need to be revisited and kept away from the law books. The process of going away with these laws should be started right away. Initiatives to interact with the common people at ground zero should be started to give a confidence of belonging rather than estranging them. Round table meetings with the neighbours should be followed up for the unsettled issues so the entire Asia blossoms with peace and opulence.         


Junaid Shaida
Nepora Anantnag
Author is writer of Inside Kashmir with MBA & M.phil in Banking and finance

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mirza and Beig House. Historical Timeline of Dispute.

Investigative report  :
Ancestral Mirza and Beigh house that belonged to Noha khwan of state Mehdi Beig at Doulat Abad, Nowpora in srinagar, is under illegal occupation of a majority Muslim Khurshid Dar.
Former occupation holders of joint house sold their shares without any intimation to Manzoor Hussain who has an occupation of 1/4th of joint house. The dispute awaits fair trial in the court of Law.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Why Saving Dal Has Not Been A Possible Job ?

No doubt several attempts were made both by Indian Central Govt. or state Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir  to save Dal Lake which survives it's most worst moments. Indeed the state departments or central employees filled their buckets from the money that was specifically meant to save shrinking Dal, but problem lies with other stake holders too about whom we have never discussed before.
We had hundreds of tributaries flowing from inner side of Dal those were connected with localities of Down town mainly starting from Nowpora but no one is anymore flowing as the locals or hanji's who used to live on floating gardens transgressed beyond limits and Dal's encroachment has now reached even worst that those floating gardens are now connected with two meter bridges with City Central. and no one is daring to make an end to it or halting their transgression. This is due to personal interests of MLA's in their respective towns. We have recorded from historical reports that Ali Mohammad Sagar who is a prominent MLA from Khnayar Constituency from last several decades has seen this encroachment before his eyes and this all has happened during his Membership in Assembly or during his Party National Conference's rule in state. As Ali Mohammad Sagar's vote bank wholly lies with these transgressors so how one can make an end to their illegal activities. It was during Congress and PDP alliance led government's coalition when a project was started and atleast some houses which were constructed on  mid of Dal Lake were demolished, which too has a reason. As Ghulam Nabi Azad was the then CM of state who had no MLA from the respective constituency were demolition was to be initiated so they started too prompt action with mild quality. Still Hanji's and others who had built houses on banks of Dal called called  Sagar to halt their action but were least successfull. And it is during the period of Governors some hard tasks are considered and executed because Governor too has no vote interest with People. 

The publication of this post has no intention to defame any Political Figure. However Freedom of expression is Fundamental Right in India.
This was an Public POST.

Inside Kashmir

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Inroduction to Heart attack. Discussion of medicines too.

Hypertension is the most common disease in Kashmir, where almost every adult exceeding the age of 50 take the drug to control his blood pressure. As we know most of the people expire due to malignanat neoplasm (cancer) and Heart attacks. So, let us discuss what is an heart attack, and how to eradicate it, if you are at risk of develoing disease that will bring you on verge of death.
If you are even vulnerable to serious heart problems still it is possible and dependent on us completely, as how we take care of heart's health. But surely it depends utterly how early we keep checking and examining our heart. We can maintain a healthy heart if we will become little serious and concerned for it, in oreder to avoid dire consequences of hidden elements. Let us study those factors relating to heart which can cause heart attack. I will introduce briefly the mechanism of life threatning elements of heart. Heart which pumps oxygenated blood to all body parts so that life can be sustained, in same time heart requires rich oxigenated blood with vital nutrients that it needs to pump to whole body. Due to some serious ailments sometimes heart muscle starve when oxygen rich blood does not reach it sufficiently, at same time one person can feel chest pain which is also called Angina. The Chest pain is mostly suffered by adults of over 40 years world wide. The pain usually lasts for 10-15 minutes and can be serious if exceeds. Angina can be felt by a person when his artries are blocked by plaque and oxygen rich blood gets obstructed in artries thus heart muscles die of hunger and a person dies within minutes, and is said to be "Died due to Heart Attack". Now Let us discuss What is plaque? How it develops? and Why are we asked to maintain low cholesterol levels? It should be pointed that cholesterol is our best natural body developer if maintained at normal levels. If cholesterol exceeds the normal level for a long span of time it can be a deadly substance dwelling in our body. Cholesterol is a waxy substance of fatty appearance running inside our body, ensuring body growth. It is oil based and does not mix with water based Blood so it is transported in the blood by lipoproteins and the cholesterol parcels are itself carried by two types of lipoproteins. High density (good cholesterol) and low density (bad cholesterol) lipoproteins. High Density Lipoproteins are fruitful for body as they contribute for the structure of
cell walls. They make up digestive bile acids in the intestine and allows the body to make Vitamin D which later helps in absorbtion of calcium. And also allows body to make certain harmones. On other hand low Density lipo proteins are collected in the artries which gradually build plaque over walls of artries and causes damage to endothelium. Inside the walls of artries endothelium is thin layer of squamous cells that lines the interior surface of artries. Thus, keeping walls of arties smooth and toned which ensures smooth flow of blood through artries. When endothelium is damaged and plaque is enhanced over time, artries can get blocked anytime without a warning. Due to excessive plaque build up in artries blood flow is restricted. Meanwhile, the blood pressure continously pressurize the
artery walls so that blood could flow. At the same time plaque succumbs and ruptures due to pressure. Rupture naturally releases molecules to which immune system reacts immediately and clot forms over the rupture. Therefore clot wholly obstructs the blood supply to the heart and any  tissue of heart which is deprived of oxygen rich blood and other essential nutrients starve and die of hunger. The death to any tissue results in the malfunctioning which leads death to whole body. So, a patient dies of Heart Attack. Medicines play life survivng role in this case. As mostly adults take "sartans" to control their pressure of blood.  These medicines belong to angiotensin receptor blockers. They block harmone angiotensin II thereby lowering blood pressure.
The risk of Clot formation or thombosis is also avoided by experts. The patients who are at risk to develop blood clot in artery are usually given Aspirin in combination with other medicines. Aspirin has an anti-platelet effect which acts by restraining the production of thromboxane, which binds platelet molecules to form a path over rupture or damage.
The calamity of taking these medicines for a long period of time can be eradicated from one's life only when one becomes little serious for his heart's health. One who has abnormal level of cholesterol should adopt a new lifestyle of food consumption. Besides he must consult cardiologist immediately. Our valley hospitals are fully equipped with all those necessary machines/tools and medicine that prevent one who would fell prey to heart attack. If You are feeling chest pain for 10-15 minutes frequently, then don't wait for advent of Heart Attack. Consult a doctor for your better tommorow.

Mirza Sharafat Hussain Zarafshan

Friday, 5 December 2014

Health Mag : Herpes Virus Have Complete Treatment In Kashmir

Who says herpes is not curable

Inside Kashmir, is  total treatment for Herpes.

12/06/2014: Burhan Ali : Herpes virus which leaves painful rashes on skin especially in moth, back or on the genitals is unbearable virus which causes extreme pain and skin rash. Rash looks like a patch of pimples or people sometimes confuses with other normal skin conditions who may also look same like herpes rash. Herpes protrudes skin with number of small clusters which causes irresistible itching in its beginning stage and pains when advances. 
Medical Science may not prove helpful in this condition, anti viral drugs like acyclovir only prevents the disease from advancing but may not come with full cure or elimination of virus from body. But Inside Kashmir confirms the report that inside the State of Jammu and Kashmir is a religious saint named Molvi Noor Mohammad Pajwari who spiritually diagnoses viral herpes and disease escapes within 10 days of treatment.
Pajwari do not give NSAIDs or painkillers but tries to heal one's body rashes with his unique religious formula.
Number of herpes patients visit Pajwari at his residence daily. Pajwari resides at Karfali Mohalla, shala bagh, Srinagar, in Kashmir.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Jammu & Kashmir State Government Again Bans Illogicaliy Muharram Procession

Kashmir Police baton charging mourner.

Muharram 2014 Muharram Processions that have nothing to do with the state government or India sentiments but since militancy rose in the kashmir region muharram procession was banned. However the National Conference government is claiming that peace has veiled up the region during their ruling period clearly proves mendacity as the Government is failing to provide security to the mourners who mourn for the Muhammad's (pbuh) grandson Imam Hussain who was martyred along with his family some 1400 years ago in the battle field against tyrant ruler Yazid ibn muaviyah.
From Last two decades the Government of Jammu & Kashmir is depriving Shia muslims from practicing their basic religious duties. The State Government is India's first government who is openly infringing the article 25 of Indian Constitution, hence snatching the fundamental right from the citizens of Kashmir. The so called secular state of India is just showing off its dual facade to the people of Kashmir. One one hand it is calling Kashmir its body part that can't be removed from it, but the people living in it are not even allowed to practice their religion.
Tear gas being shelled at a blank distance to the mourners
Although people of Jammu and Kashmir are commemorating Ashura in narrow streets of Jammu and Kashmir, alters the objective of coming on roads to mourn and spread the message of Imam Hussain who lonely stood against the armies of Yazid.
During this year Shia Muslims who tried to demand their basic religious rights and defied the restrictions were severely injured and baton charged by Jammu and Kashmir police.
Dozens of mourners who were hoisting the flags of Muharram were detained.
 So, if anyone wants an answer to the question "Does Shia Muslims Practice Their Religion In A Secular State Even Where A Muslim Is Chief Minister". The answer to the question itself impresses "NO".

Inside Kashmir

It was a public opinion.